Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A note on my blogrolls

After researching and writing the piece on infibulation for the better part of Monday, I slept about as well as a death-row convict last night. So I'm taking a one-day break from ranting to point you in the direction of some other blogs. (I'm also guardian-for-a-day of two ducklings from my daughter's kindergarten class, a considerable challenge to my attention span.)

California Medicine Man writes eloquently and frequently on topics that are primarily medical but often have important political or public policy ramifications. Those of us stuck in the Clash of Civilizations rut would do well to take a daily dose of his blog. There are other issues out there. His posts on topics like health insurance tax law and the R&D of antibiotics also tend to inspire thoughtful debate, so don't skip the comments. In the interest of total disclosure, he also gave Commoner Sense a glowing recommendation. Check out California Medicine Man and you'll see this isn't a quid pro quo ... great stuff, and quite a change from the ordinary political-blog menu.

Gateway Pundit is either a team masquerading as a single blogger, or he's OCD and off his meds. Someone invite him out to dinner ... get him away from the keyboard. Prolific doesn't even some close to describing his work habits. His posts are a little free-form, not much like the SAT reading-comprehension essays you find on some other blogs ... hmmm. Lots of exclamation points, lots of good links, and great photos! (Look, I used an exclamation point.) Check out the dead pony photo accompanying his post on the demise of the EU Constitution. (Do constitutions no one understands or signs still get a capital "C"?)

In one of Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series, there's a character who has immortality inadvertently foist upon him and spends his eternity traveling everywhere, insulting everyone in the universe, in alphabetical order. Bernard Cloutier seems to be on a similar mission, without the insults. (Except when it comes to Bush, but then who doesn't insult Bush?) He's been everywhere except Afghanistan, New Guinea, Zaire, Angola, the Central African Republic, Sierra Leone, Oman, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan. That's it. Every other country on the planet, he's been to, often more than once, and he's written about and photographed all of them. Except Belgium. I don't know what he has against Belgium ... maybe it's another Hitchhiker's Guide thing. Check it out.


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Don't forget to mention the hard hitting commentary on my blog. :-)

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