Monday, July 25, 2005

Islamists bomb French metro,
ten years ago today

On July 25, 1995, Algerian Islamists bombed a train entering Saint-Michel station near Paris, killing eight people and wounding over 150. The Groupe Islamique Arme claimed responsibility, saying the attack was a response to France's foreign policy. The policy in question was France's decision to give military support to the Algerian government's struggle against Islamists bent on subverting the democratic process so they could take power, end elections, and impose sharia law on a resistant population. Sound familiar? Well, the French were right ... in fact, when it comes to dealing with Islamists, the French have a better track record than most nations. Two weeks ago, Daniel Pipes wrote in an article in the New York Sun that France's anti-terrorism stance is actually much stronger than Britain's. I believe this should be qualified ... their domestic approach is clearly more aggressive than their foreign-policy approach. France is now all too willing to cozy up to Islamists outside her borders.

Ironically, it was the British who stood in the way of bringing the Saint-Michel bombers to justice. A British court found that because of allegations that another suspect in the blast had been roughed up by police, London could not extradite Rachid Ramda, a suspect who had taken up residence in "Londonistan" but has been enjoying the hospitality of Belmarsh Prison for about ten years now. The problem is that British intelligence has been operating for decades under a pact with the devil--the devil being Islamists operating out of London mosques, and the pact being that MI5 will keep a close eye on what they're up to on British soil. Well, a couple of week ago, that plan started to look rather unwise. The new plan is that the London police will blow your head off if you look or act vaguely suspicious. With due process put back in its proper perspective, the British also decided that perhaps it's time to send Ramda across the Channel so he can enjoy some French hospitality for a change. Better late than never. has seen fit to print a nauseating pean to Ramda in the form of a letter from one of his former cellmates at Belmarsh.

When it comes to ideological rationalization for their bloodlust, Islamists will pretty much grab whatever's handy, whether it's Algeria or Iraq, a book that you wrote or a book that you dropped in a puddle, a movie you made or a movie you're watching, or even that offensive giant teapot you built in your backyard.

"Arrgh ... A giant teapot ... Must ... blow ... something ... up! Kill! Crush! Destroy!"

While the pacifist left eagerly follows every twist and turn of these lunatics' minds, it's a good thing more sensible people have their eye on the goal of eliminating them and their evil ideology.


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