Thursday, January 18, 2007

Oh, brilliant.

From the CanWest News Service:

Researchers bring 1918 Flu Virus Back to Life

Scientists have resurrected the 1918 flu virus in Winnipeg and uncovered evidence of what made the microbe such a relentless killer - it turns the body against itself ...
''The procedure was not all that difficult,'' says Darwyn Kobasa, a researcher at the Manitoba lab. He says the eight carefully crafted genes were inserted into cells along with a few proteins. Within hours, the cells were taking instructions from the inserted genes and mass-producing copies of the 1918 flu virus.
''It is kind of neat looking through the microscope and realizing you are looking at something that is responsible for so many deaths,'' says Kobasa.
Last January, he and his colleagues produced millions of copies of the virus in a bid to understand why the 1918 flu was so deadly ...
The scientists intended to observe the [infected] animals for 21 days, but the monkeys grew so ill, so fast, they were all euthanized by day eight of the experiments.

"Neat." Why don't we cut to the chase and just euthanize ourselves now?

In fairness, the Canadians are only the second stupidest scientists on the planet. American researchers apparently already pulled a Dr. Frankenstein with Spanish Influenza last year. Now who wants third place? Hmmm ... do I see Mr. Ahmedinejad raising his hand in back there?


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