Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Incredible ... and they wonder why they lost

Whenever I need reassurance that I'm standing on the correct side of America's current political divide, I swing by the Democratic Underground's site. Hit the jackpot tonight:

Here are a dozen or so DU members focusing their time and energy on a thread about the imminent dangers posed to our nation by bath towels. And they want another turn running the country?

Believe it or not, for the Democratic Underground this topic falls under "Latest Breaking News."

Let's see ... a quick rundown of today's news:
• The Chinese create a legal justification for attacking Taiwan should it declare independence ...
• People on U.S. terrorism watch lists still manage to acquire guns legally ...
• The WHO reveals that its bird-flu testing methods let infected people slip back into the general population ...
• Mount St. Helens erupts ...

Nope, hold all that. Let's deal with this bath towel crisis.

Jaw-droppingly inane. Underground indeed.


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