Saturday, August 06, 2005

Western media on Beurger King Muslim:
"We're Lovin' It!"

The Associated Press has jumped into the halal happy-meal fest over France's new religiously oriented fast-food joint. (Let's note that it is not "Beurger King Halal" ... it's "Beurger King Muslim." AP conveniently edited the word "Muslim" out of the restaurant's name in both the headline and the lead paragraph. I wonder how they would feel about a "Taco Bell Catholic" in Boston, or a "KFC Jew" in Brooklyn?)

AP is so thrilled at having a chance to contribute to western liberalism's new obsession with self-hatred that they apparently can't see the irony in their own reporting:

Customers, including non-Muslims, said the restaurant was not segregating Muslims but showing a normal, peaceful Muslim activity that was open to all.

"Both Muslims and other people feel at ease here," Talbi said. "Maybe this kind of place will help to correct the bad image of Muslims and tell the world to stop talking nonsense about us."

But then we have another customer's opinion:

Female customers also seemed happy. Cherifa Halimi, 19, sat in a booth sipping drinks with four friends, all dressed in black flowing gowns covering all but their hands and faces.
"There are a few changes they could make to give the place a completely Muslim image," Halimi said. "The television is OK, but there shouldn't be any music."

Still feeling at ease?


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