Friday, September 23, 2005

Elie Wiesel keeps his cool

Fausta at Bad Hair Blog has done a nice summary of Elie Wiesel's lecture and Q&A session at Princeton Wednesday night. Wiesel is notable for having once received a Nobel Peace Prize despite the fact that he actually deserved one.

Someone in the audience had the gall to ask Wiesel if he sees any parallels between the Nazis and Bush. If I'd been in Wiesel's shoes, I'd have leapt down from the stage and knocked the moron's head off with the mic stand. I guess that's why I keep getting passed over when they're giving out peace prizes. Wiesel kept his cool. Read his answer at Bad Hair Blog.


Blogger Fausta said...

Thank you TomPain.
Listening to EW was an extraordinary experience of great emotional impact, and it was a privilege to have been there.

5:36 PM  
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