Monday, October 10, 2005

Be sad, or be angry, but don't be surprised:
Islamists slit the throats of quake victims

An Associated Press story yesterday reported that the ubiquitous "some" thought for a moment that tragedy might help bring peace to Kashmir, where Islamists continue to fight for their right not to suffer the existence of anyone unlike them:
Some think tragedy can unite India, Pakistan

Beware when writers try to tell you about what "some think." It's often Doublespeak for "nobody thinks" or "no one in his right mind thinks" or sometimes "this reporter and her editor think." Here are some of my favorites:
Does Bigfoot live in Pennsylvania's woods? Some think so

Some think attacks on homeless should be considered hate crimes

Some think F-16s chased UFO over Washington

Gore's CurrentTV Actually Works, Some Think

Other times "some think" is code for "here's an obvious fact that this reporter is just now getting":
Some Think Many of Yogi Berra’s Malaprops May Not Be Accidental

Some think Bush speech clear, concise

Some think [Democrat] Party Agenda Still Missing in Inaction

Anyway, the "some" in this case were represented by one starry-eyed relief director.
To N.M. Prusty, the head of emergency relief at the international aid agency CARE's India office, this is a golden opportunity.

"The mutual help in humanitarian crisis will be the most powerful confidence-building measure in the history of India-Pakistan relationship," he said.

"History shows that at the time of natural disasters we have come together in this region. This is an opportunity when both India and Pakistan can forget their differences," he said.

Well, as has been said of Arafat, Islamists never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity:
Terrorists kill 10 in Kashmir despite quake

To its credit, the Associated Press has reported on the killings, though ugly reality gets buried in the eighth paragraph, while Sunday's blinkered optimism got a headline.
In a reminder that the disputed Kashmir region is in the grip of an Islamic insurgency, suspected militants killed 10 people, including four Hindus whose throats were slit in three quake-hit villages, said J.P. Singh, senior superintendent of police.

We cannot expect humane or rational behavior from Islamists. Believing otherwise is about as smart as driving with your eyes closed. Media outlets like the Associated Press should stop feeding us tales of what they wish were true. Stick to reporting what is true.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is not humane behaviour, but quite rational.

Islamists know the truth: if you are strong enough, ruthless enough, and lethal enough, you win, eventually.

2:56 PM  
Blogger tompain said...

Good point. I was thinking more of their adherence to "divine guidance" and their rejection of reason.

3:02 PM  
Blogger The Medicine Man said...

Another fine example:

"Some" say that the theory of "Intelligent Design" is science, is testable and is not a restatement of creation theory.

I see this one a lot.

Moving away from collective nouns into the world of pronouns, I must say that I've always enjoyed the use of the word they as in: "They laughed at the Wright brothers and they laughed at Fulton."

Of course as Carl Sagin pointed out, "They also laughed at Bozo the Clown."


4:12 PM  

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