Friday, February 10, 2006

Islam is coming


Anonymous Anonymous said...

right mate i can tell u feel tratend by islam i dnt blme u itz a popular religon actully one of the biggist growing religon in the world if i was u i wld watch wat i say. people lyk u should just accept it. i mean grow up get a life and open youe eyes....
islam all the way!!!!!!

9:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes i agree wid u this person probely doea feel threatend.
and yea i can tell this person just jeliouse coz they not a part of it. dnt wrry islam is such a good religon it will take u in but 1st u gta drop the "hate". salaam to all my muslim brothers and sisters....

9:52 AM  
Blogger tompain said...

Thanks for the comments, guy(s). You two certainly seem to be on the same page. You even misspell "religion" the same way. Anyway, this is one kaffir who will not be taken in by Islam. Hatred and violence are practically the sixth pillar of the cult.

"If i was u i wld watch wat i say"? That's called a threat, so of course you make people feel threatened.

I am heartened that you're reading something other than the Koran. There's hope yet.

6:02 PM  
Blogger A date with KHAN said...

Reading your comment made on this blog, I realized that you totally misunderstand what Islam is.

Islam (in a nutshell) is not a religion which requires all and everyone to submit to it. The Islamic law is flexible in the sense that it allows for people of other religions to exist, work and be part of the Islamic system. Islam is a system and a way of life, people in the UK which I have come across are under the impression that if all the Muslim leave UK and go back to their own countries then the UK will be Islam free. I’m afraid this is totally incorrect.

If you have interest in history, then maybe you would like to accept my challenge in finding out from history anywhere in the world where Islam traveled which later left or pulled back? What you will notice is that never in Islamic history has Islam gone anywhere and had to pull back. Islam spreads and grows and never will it shrink.

To accept the terms of Islamic Law there are three main principles:
1) Either become Muslims and accept Islam,
2) Don’t accept Islam but pay the Jizya for the protection of your self and family (community),
3) Or, finally face the sword.
You really have to understand Islam before you make your mind up. It is true that Islam is coming and if any doubts exist then look around you, Islam dominates every aspect of ones lives.

For Islam and its followers, you as a Kaffir and your society is just and yet another civilization which in the past Islam has dealt with, if you still have doubts then search on the Internet for Khalid bin Al Waleed the undefeated general of Islam who tore apart civilization who threatened or stood in the way of Islam.

Islam is not scared from the western civilization because Islam already adopts all the principles of society in which the western world is built up on and bare in mind Islam is 14000 years old and yet can challenge any modern civilization or society.

Islam is coming, coming like the rays of sun light at sun rise, it rises but never falls, fall is for them who stand in the way of Islam, Islam is coming. Accept, pay the Jizya or face the sword.
remain as you

10:08 AM  

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