Saturday, February 04, 2006

So much for the ummah's common sense

Agence France Press reports today that Jihad Momani, the newspaper editor who published three of the Danish cartoons along with an appeal for reason, is now cooling his heels in a Jordanian dungeon, courtesy of the "moderate" King Hussein.
Momani, editor-in-chief of the weekly gossip newspaper Shihane, was fired from his job on Friday after his newspaper printed three of the cartoons ... Jordan's King Abdullah II said Friday that insulting the Prophet Mohammed was "a crime that cannot be justified under the pretext of freedom of expression."

Momani was apparently intimidated into issuing a groveling retraction, but that didn't save him when Jordanian "security forces" knocked on his door. A "judicial source" tells AFP he may not be the only newspaper editor targeted for prosecution. Ah, the glory of Islamic jurisprudence.

Meanwhile, in England, freedom of speech is evident in the streets, even when it blatantly calls for murder.

In France, this protester's sentiments sum up the Muslim mindset neatly.


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