Friday, January 19, 2007

A rare, thoughtful look
at the frightening progress
of Islamist aggression

An excellent article from Der Spiegel about how Islam is glomming territory as fast as it can, forcing anyone who doesn't want to get with the program to flee for their lives:

A Christian Exodus from the Arab World

The resurgence of supremacist, totalitarian Islam as a force that kills all difference and dissent wherever it can is largely ignored by Western media. The fact that non-Muslims in places like Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Indonesia, and Malaysia increasingly face the dismal prospect of dhimmitude or exodus usually warrants little more than a brief aside in articles that focus on specific instances Islamic intolerance, such as the targeting of Christians after the publication of the Danish Mohammed cartoons. Even when the topic of Muslim expansionism is addressed, its long and bloody history is usually downplayed. Younger generations today in America are well-versed in the evils of Christian European expansion into the Americas in the 17th and 18th centuries, but they harbor the illusion that North Africa and the Middle East have been Muslim (and Arab, for that matter) since the dawn of time. Der Spiegel takes a long-overdue look at the big picture.

The article does suffer from some very minor symptoms of Western suicidal double-think, but nothing too bad. The sub-head reads: "Violence, terrorism and the Islamists' growing influence pose a threat to Christianity in the Middle East" ... as if the violence, terrorism, and Islamist influence are three distinct things. That's like saying, "Smoke inhalation, blunt force trauma, and terrorist attacks killed nearly three thousand people in New York on September 11, 2001."

Still, Der Spiegel has done us a much-needed service. Here's an excerpt:

Christians have lived in the Arab world for the past 2,000 years. They were there before the Muslims. Their current predicament is not the first crisis they have faced and, compared to the massacres of the past, it is certainly not the most severe in Middle Eastern Christianity. But in some countries, it could be the last one.


Demographics have accelerated this development. Christians, often better educated and more affluent than their Muslim neighbors, have fewer children. Because the wave of emigration has been going on for decades, many Middle Eastern Christians now have relatives in Europe, North America and Australia who help them emigrate. Their high level of education increases their chances of obtaining visas. Those who leave are primarily members of the elite: doctors, lawyers and engineers.

But there are deeper-seated reasons behind the most recent exodus: the demise of secular movements and the growing influence of political Islam in the Middle East.

Read the whole thing.


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