Saturday, March 12, 2005

A note about one "Hair-Raising Link"

It occured to me that the "hair-raising" nature of the Play & Learn link I've put in the bar on the right might not be apparent to those who don't go digging around the site a little.

So here are a couple of links to pages within the site:

Play & Learn's instruction to Muslim children that non-believers rank somewhere between dog shit and Stoli in terms of Najasaat (things that are unclean and make pure things unclean by contact).

Play & Learn's warning to girls that "Ladies without hijab [modesty in clothing and behavior], you're an atom undone [Huh?], you've exploded in society, the fatalaties will come."

There's plenty more frightening content on this site, which describes its raison d'etre thus: "[B]ecause today's kids have the burden of carrying the torch of Islam into the future ... we have dedicated this page for the children of Islam."


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