Friday, June 17, 2005

The downward spiral at Reuters

Reuters' unabashedly biased reporting is nothing new, but I still get a laugh out of their word choice from time to time. Their headline writers have all the linguistic facility of a first-year ESL student.
Iranians vote in presidential poll damned by Bush

"Damned by Bush"? So now he's a god? Or a church elder? "A curse upon your foul and unholy electoral process!"

Does Reuters know the word "condemned"? Of course they do. But they also know that when their arguments against the Bush agenda fail to have any effect, they can always resort to making the guy look foolish by twisting his words. Or by publishing photos like this:

Oh, brother.

Chris Kleponis of Reuters must have giggled himself silly when he caught this shot, which eventually ended up in a Yahoo slideshow entitled "Republican Party" (thanks to Little Green Footballs for noticing this). Publishing this photo would be infantile even for The Onion or a college newspaper. For Reuters it's expected.


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