Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Recovered memories of Koran desecration at Guantanamo

Reuters tells us that Airat Vakhitov now recalls that abuse of the Koran was a regular event during his imprisonment at Guantanamo.
In Cuba, they used to take them (the Koran) and throw them, take them and throw them, into lavatories or elsewhere. It happened regularly and this was to provoke protests.

Lying then or lying now?

Typically, Reuters failed to dig up the last time Vahkitov made news, when his mother, Amina Hasanova, told the press that his letters to her indicated he was being treated well by the Americans and feared being extradited to Russia.
She said her son is feeling well and is satisfied with the conditions of his detention at Guantanamo. "He writes that he is treated kindly and with respect, that he has good food, cleanliness, and as he says in his letter, he feels better than if he was at the best Russian sanatoriums," Hasanova said. Vakhitov's mother said he also writes that his fellow detainees are friendly toward him, and that they often lend each other copies of the Koran and pray together.

I guess Newsweek jogged his memory.


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