Thursday, July 07, 2005

Another example of the left's toxicity

Just out of curiosity, I headed over to Democratic Underground to see how the muddleheaded pacificists and tin-foil-helmet contingent are dealing with London. I was not disappointed.

Democratic Underground - How can we actually know London was caused by "Islamic terrorists"?

I think the quotes around the phrase Islamic terrorists are meant to indicate that such a thing may not even exist. It's beginning to look like Zarqawi could personally saw off the head of the last American resister live on Good Morning America and the moonbats would find a way to explain it away.

One of the comments on the thread actually says, "Some group claiming to be a European al qaeda has supposedly claimed [the attack], but no one has ever heard of them before, and they may just be opportunists." No one ever heard of them before? I think there are some ears in Madrid still ringing from the last time this group made itself known. Here's the text of al-Qaeda in Europe's statement at the time:

We declare our responsibility for what happened in Madrid exactly two-and-a-half years after the attacks on New York and Washington.
It is a response to your collaboration with the criminals Bush and his allies.
This is a response to the crimes that you have caused in the world, and specifically in Iraq and Afghanistan, and there will be more, if God wills it.
You love life and we love death, which gives an example of what the Prophet Muhammad said.
If you don't stop your injustices, more and more blood will flow and these attacks will seem very small compared to what can occur in what you call terrorism.
This is a statement by the military spokesman for al-Qaeda in Europe, Abu Dujan al-Afghani.


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