Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Unbelievable. This morning, Reuters thinks I should give a crap if real estate developers and Salafi lunatics modernize Mecca.

Developers and purists erase Mecca's history

Tell me again why I should care?

What idiocy. The only thing that makes Mecca newsworthy is its status as the only city on earth officially closed to the five billion humans who have declined to sign up for Muhammed's primitivist cult of submission. Let's put this in perspective: Pope Benedict XVI wakes up tomorrow and says to himself, "Enough of this heathen riff-raff tromping through my house! Christians only, from now on ... better yet, Roman Catholics only!" An hour later, a sign goes up at the entrance to the Vatican City, and the Swiss Guard start doing spot inspections of tour buses and informing Muslims, Jews, and Lutherans on board that they face the death penalty if they enter the holy city.

What do you think Reuters would have to say about that? Why always the double standard when it comes to Islam? Why is the rest of the world always making excuses and allowances for this backward behavior? Sometimes I feel like that guy running down the highway at the beginning of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers."


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