Saturday, July 09, 2005

Muslims want us to "understand" Islamist aggression

An excerpt from a story by Paisley Dodds of the Associated Press:

At King's Cross station, near the site of the deadliest of the three subway bombings, service was partially restored on Saturday. Flowers and sympathy cards were piling up outside to honor the 21 known dead as the train was bombed between King's Cross and Russell Square stations.
A group of Muslims held a peaceful vigil outside St. Mary's Hospital on Saturday in solidarity with victims.
'We must remember that terror is all around us these days, that terror has no homeland or nationality and no religion and that we all face the same problems together,' said Iman Hassan Ali, from the Dar Al Islam Foundation.
'We all want to understand these incidents and today we are here to give our support to the victims and say that we will stand together despite terrorism.'

A "peaceful vigil." I hate those violent vigils. Now every time five Muslims get together and don't blow something up it's news?

Additionally, the Dar al Islam Foundation should probably keep its collective mouth shut or file for a change of name. "Dar al Islam" translates literally as "Household of Submission," a widely used phrase that refers to lands subjugated by Muslim rule and subject to Muslim "jurisprudence," usually understood to mean sharia law. The opposite is Dar al Harb, which translates literally as "Household of War." I'm not sure what Hassan Ali and his brethren are implying, but I think the people of London are quite evidently living in Dar al Harb and have no wish to "submit" to monsters.

Dar al Harb

Dar al Islam

And lastly, Imam Hassan Ali (he is not a female supermodel but more likely holds a position of authority at his local mosque): We do not wish to "understand" these incidents, but to prevent them by discovering and apprehending terrorists before they strike. If you wish to show support, and if you truly stand together with non-Muslims, then help greater society defeat terrorism by ending the encouragement of violence that pervades your community.


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