Sunday, August 07, 2005

Abusing sympathy?

When earlier this morning I first read of Cindy Sheehan's touching appeal for a meeting with President Bush, I thought to myself, "He should give this woman the time she deserves ... she gave our nation her son." It occurred to me that setting a precedent of giving even fifteen minutes to each family that has lost a son or daughter would cost the president days (about twenty days, so far, if he didn't take time out to sleep). But no one is asking for that. Now AP has amended the story's lead paragraph (though not the headline) to make mention of the fact that Bush already met with Cindy Sheehan once, in April 2004.

I'm not sure how I feel about her claims that she wasn't ready and that she hadn't realized there were doubts about the WMD rationale. It does start to smack of shameful partisan grandstanding on the grave of a fallen soldier. Nonetheless, Bush should show that he's better than that and meet her a second time.


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