Wednesday, August 17, 2005

It is impossible to exaggerate the evil
at the heart of the "insurgency"

Terrorists in Iraq just blew up a bus station and then set off another bomb near the hospital where emergency workers had taken the wounded and dying. If you find it difficult to grasp the rationale behind such a choice of targets, that's only because you haven't been brainwashed into a state of homocidal psychosis by drug-pushing Salafist cult leaders.

MEMRI TV brings us another clip of Iraq's most popular television show, "Terrorists in the Grip of Justice." This one has "insurgent" Ramsi Hashem Abed, who used to work for Zarqawi and company, describing his career of raping and killing university students, turning ambulances into car-bombs, fomenting civil war, and taking a mix of hashing and opium to make the may mayhem less nerve-wracking. He went by the alias "Abu Shema'"--for his daughter's name, he says. How sweet.

Watch the clip or read the transcript. This monster is no freedom fighter, and his revelations about the nature of the "insurgency" are significant. They consider Shiites apostates, they consider Kurds traitors, and they consider the beginning of Ramadan an auspicious day for blowing people up. Their leaders include members of the old Feddayin and Iraqi security services. They outsource "slaughtering" (beheading) to Syrians who slip in across the border and suicide bombing to Afghanis. They do the raping and car bombing themselves. They are paid in dollars and appreciate a can of Pepsi every now and then.

Their existence should not have been tolerated when they formed the middle and lower echelons of Saddam Hussein's criminal gang, and it should not be tolerated now. Those calling for retreat from the battle against these thugs should remember that any small patch of the planet relinquished to them will be a hell-on-earth for the innocents who live there and a factory for the exportation of relentless evil. If you think this is hyperbole, listen to Mr. Abed.


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