Sunday, August 07, 2005

Uprooting the Islamist fifth column

It appears that American and European law enforcement agencies are finally working in concert to round up jihadi terrorists for prosecution. It's unfortunate that it took the deaths of so many innocents to wake the west from its dreamy multiculturalist stupor.
The arrest of Haroon Rashid Aswat, a British citizen of Indian descent, comes as British prosecutors said they would consider treason charges against any Islamic extremists who express support for terrorism.

The U.S. warrant accuses Aswat of conspiring with others between October 1999 and April 2000 to set up a camp in Bly, Ore., aimed at training and equipping individuals to "fight jihad in Afghanistan," police said in a statement.

Aswat, 30, had been detained in Zambia since July 20, where he was questioned about 20 phone calls reportedly made on his South African cell phone with some of the bombers responsible for the July 7 transit attacks in London that killed 52 people and the four bombers. He was deported Sunday to Britain, said Zambian Home Affairs Secretary Peter Mumba.

Aswat is one of two associates of the Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri who are referred to but not named or charged in a 2002 indictment issued by a federal grand jury in Seattle against a Muslim convert from the area, officials have said. The other is Oussama Kassir, a Lebanese-born Swede, who was convicted of weapons violations in Sweden in 2003.

A British citizen of Indian descent talking bombs on his South African cellphone from Zambia with other Brits of Pakistani and West Indian origin, after earlier training jihadis in Oregon for terrorism in Afghanistan and consipiring with a Lebanese-born Swede to assist in the murderous plans of a one-eyed, hook-handed Egyptian cleric who said in his London mosque that the Columbia space shuttle was destroyed by Allah because it contained a "trinity of evil"--Christians, a Jew, and a Hindu working together.

Better check that melting pot. I think it's boiling over.


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