Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The vision of evil

The full text of Zawahiri's letter to his protege Zarqawi is required reading for anyone who claims understanding of the jihad we face and the War on Terror that may save us.

The U.S. Department of National Intelligence has taken the rare step of releasing the letter, both in the original Arabic and in the English translation.

Here's a taste--Zawahiri's to-do list for the Middle East:

The first stage: Expel the Americans from Iraq.

The second stage: Establish an Islamic authority or amirate, then develop it and support it until it achieves the level of a caliphate- over as much territory as you can to spread its power in Iraq ...

The third stage: Extend the jihad wave to the secular countries neighboring Iraq ...

The fourth stage: It may coincide with what came before: the clash with Israel ...

Read the whole horrifying thing.


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