Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Capital! Reuters gets religion!

Too bad the religion they've gotten is the creed of Muhammed--or as Reuters now calls him: "the Prophet."

Here's the lede from Reuters' recently published article on the latest Muslim madness (this time in Pakistan):
Security guards shot dead two men, police used teargas on students in Islamabad's diplomatic enclave and protesters attacked Western businesses on Tuesday in Pakistan's most violent reaction yet to cartoons of the Prophet.

Back when Christians were calmly and rationally suffering the offense of seeing Mary's image rendered in dung, did Reuters refer to her as the mother of "Our Savior"?

Doubt it.

Does Reuters employ editors?


Blogger laserphish said...

The more I read about this I more I make myself sick.

Here is an idea instead of rioting about a cartoon that maybe only 1/3 of these idiots have actually seen how about focusing on things that really matter like ummmmm I dunno that fact that 2/3 of the Muslium's live in poverty. Also what is up with Reuters? next thing you know they will not even print stories that paint extremiests in a negative night for fear of a backlash.
R.I.P. Freedom of the press it was nice knowing you

9:43 AM  

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