Friday, March 10, 2006

The murder of Cassandra

I wrote a piece back on February 19 about the predictions of Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo, the director of the British Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity. In an interview with the Telegraph, Dr. Sookhdeo stated his belief that England would before long see parts of its urban centers effectively ruled by sharia law. My link to the article then posted on the website of the Telegraph will no longer take you to the interview. It links to this terse--and to me, frightening--message:

The efforts of Muslim extremists to shut down discussion of and debate over the unsavory side of Islam are apparently succeeding. Ornella Fallaci is set to stand trial in June in Italy for defaming Islam. (Should she choose exile in New York over a possible prison sentence, will our government extradite her?) Robert Spencer wrote an excellent point-by-point analysis of the charges against Fallaci last year.

Loopy animal-rights table-dancer Brigitte Bardot was fined 5,000 euros in 2004 for writing that she opposed the Islamization of France, even though her main objection is to the way Muslims treat sheep.

(And to the west's discredit, we've thrown the odious David Irving in the clink for questioning the Holocaust.)

If Theo Van Gogh hadn't had his throat cut, he'd probably be on trial now as well. What Islamists don't achieve with the knife, they'll do with our own suicidal legal systems.

Update: For those interested in reading the original article from the Telegraph, it can still be found here. (Many thanks to Charles at Little Green Footballs for finding this.)


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