Thursday, February 23, 2006

Islam turns back the clock on Turkey

At, Tufan Turenc tries to draw his compatriots' attention to another disturbing trend in Turkey (in addition to their government rushing to legitimize Palestine's newly elected terrorist regime). Turenc points out that Prime Minister Erdogan has betrayed the legacy of Ataturk by attending a dinner in his honor that Ataturk would have surely spurned. The increasing influence of Islamists is dragging Turkey backward into the dark ages, and Erdogan seems fine with it, even if it means sitting apart from his newly veiled wife.

The scene in the hall was quite strange for a country which is in the midst of membership talks with the European Union. The women and men who attended the dinner were sitting in separate places, and most of the women were wearing headscarves. The situation was reminiscent of Iran or an Arab country, instead of Turkey. This picture didn’t disturb the AKP members, because this is now they envision Turkey ...
Ataturk would never speak in such a hall, nor even go in, because the situation in that hall is completely the reverse of the revolutions accomplished by Ataturk 80 years ago. Ataturk wanted the clothing of modern Turkish women to be like that of other women living in civilized countries. He wanted Turkish women to participate in social life in equal conditions and rights with men and participate in production. That's why he pushed those revolutions. Therefore, he gave political and social rights to Turkish women before many civilized countries did. That's why Ataturk would never accept that seating plan and speak in that hall. Erdogan's speech in that hall is a sad contradiction of Ataturk's goal of civilized countries and a betrayal of the great revolutionary's heritage.

It's nice to see that the forces of political correctness have failed to completely erase the concept of "civilization." Let's hope that Islamists can be prevented from erasing the reality of it.


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