Thursday, March 02, 2006

My Danish buycott (girlcott?)

What's the opposite of a boycott? I'm not sure there's really a word for it, but I'm doing my best. Carlsberg beer is a no-brainer. I found Lurpak butter at our local cheese shop. I'm not really a fan of Havarti, but Danish blue cheese is excellent crumbled into a salad. I've eaten as many butter cookies as I can stomach. Perhaps I'll buy my next yacht from X-Yachts.

But here's my favorite Danish purchase so far:

I found this jar of Puck Cream Cheese Spread at a local gourmet food and spice shop, one founded years ago by an Armenian family. At some point the shop was purchased by Muslims, and it's now run by what appears to be a mixed staff of Christians, Muslims, and Hindus. Perhaps it is that blend that makes them their store the prime source for Middle Eastern and Asian products for all the city's best chefs. Even better, they are paying no attention to Islamist calls for a boycott of Danish products.

But here comes the conundrum. Puck is made in Denmark, but it's imported to the U.S. by Ziyad Brothers Importing in Chicago, who issued a press release on February 1 announcing that they are suspending all imports from Denmark. (I guess my jar of cream cheese spread had already made it to the shelf.) So by buying Puck I am supporting Denmark, but I'm also supporting Ziyad Brothers Importing. I wonder if any other American importers are looking to fill the gap left by the Muslim boycott. It would be nice if Ziyad ends up losing business as a result of their ungrateful stand against the core values of the nation that welcomed them.

I plan to ask at the cheese shop tomorrow if their Lurpak butter comes to them through Ziyad, and if so urge them to find an alternate importer rather than let Danish products vanish from their shelves.

Please join me in (politely) letting Ziyad Brothers Importing know how wrong they are to believe that a Muslim concept of blasphemy supercedes America's Bill of Rights. Boycotting Ziyad strikes me as petty, but there's no reason not to inform them of how we feel. You can reach their email contact form at this link. And don't forget to buy Danish.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

shut up u dumb idiot.
america belongs to native americans, your just as much an immigrant as everybody else so stop acting holier than thou retard.

7:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

danish people are dumb

7:23 PM  
Blogger Claudia said...

Kind of late but I support you girlcott. I am totally into Denmark and danish stuff. I love Kopenhagem by the way.

I am a Puck cheese eater and militant atheist.

Those anonymous faces are worth nothing.

8:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...







6:20 AM  
Anonymous Rezbi said...

"Cheeky humans who think the entire world should obey them."

Like the USA you mean?


3:28 PM  

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