Sunday, July 23, 2006

Boo. Friggin'. Hoo.

Muslims in Scotland are upset because they find security procedures at Glasgow's airport "heavy-handed" and "humiliating." So they are boycotting the airport.

Glasgow businessman Mohammed ashraf said it was "undignified" to be stopped and questioned.
"After being through all the checks that normal people go through, at the last moment you are stopped again and asked questions as everybody else passes you by," he said.

"Normal people"? That's an interesting slip. I don't consider myself "abnormal" in any significant way, and certainly not in the way of being brainwashed by a death cult, and I still get pulled aside regularly for secondary searches when I travel. And thanks to one of Mr. Ashraf's co-religionists, now I've got to take my shoes off every time I go through security. Oh, the humiliation!

Mr. Ahmed Tassi, whose wife seems to draw the attention of Glasgow's security officers, is more put out by the delay than by the shame.

"90% of occasions when we pass through they say 'step aside' and she gets the full search.

"I am always waiting half an hour or an hour for her come."

Oh, brother. And that'll cost you another buck at the car park! Write a complaint letter to al Qaeda.

Here. I have something for you.

In any event, a Mulism boycott of an airport is a bit of an odd bird. If it is successful, it would actually save money for the corporation being boycotted, inasmuch as BAA Glasgow could then turn off the x-ray machines and fire all its security staff.

Let's hope that this boycott catches on. Imagine a total, worldwide Muslim boycott of all airports. Then we can all have our shoes back.


Anonymous pok said...

If pigs could be trained to deliver drinks and hand out pillows ...

9:39 AM  
Blogger Clive Dangerously said...

I think the biggest problem with society as a whole, aside from suicide bombers and such, is that people always want to play the part of the victim, painting others as villains without due cause. I'm sure Mr. What's-his-name will be glad to know that PLENTY of people have experiences like that. I've seen an old lady being carted off. My dad, who looks particularly harmless, was RANDOMLY selected at least once when I was flying with him, and I can assure you it wasn't the only time. Now if everytime he went through security someone shout "Arab alert" or something and armed guards popped out of nowhere, then yes, I'd say he IS a victim, but until then...

12:15 PM  

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