Friday, March 25, 2005

Bin Laden's radicalism is our fault

I suppose we shouldn't be surprised, but now it turns out that it's our fault (well, Clinton's fault, anyway) that Osama bin Laden isn't today sitting peacefully poolside in some villa outside Khartoum, with nothing more political on his mind than whether he can squeeze Kojo Annan for another Oil-for-Food contract.

In a Washington Post article, one of bin Laden's old riding buddies is quoted:
If the United States had not pressed Sudan to expel bin Laden, where he spent five largely quiet years, he never would have gone to Afghanistan, where he became increasingly radical, Issam Turabi said. "He would have been left here to grow big and fat like many Sudanese rich men. How would history have been?" he asked, shaking his head at the thought.
He's not the only one shaking his head at the thought. What piffle.


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