Sunday, April 10, 2005

A glimpse inside the mind of the Muslim misogynist

Here's an interesting opinion piece from the Egyptian Al Messa. The translation from Arabic into English is provided by Watching America which was called to my attention by Little Green Footballs and which will certainly be on my daily "watchlist" from now on.

The unidentified writer rails against American meddling in the Muslim world. The inspiration for his ire--I presume the writer is male--is the recent mixed-sex prayer services led by women in New York and Boston. We get an odd condemnation of the politically correct relativist contortionism fostered by the Bush administration after 9/11:
Since the events of September 11, 2001, America has conducted fierce campaigns against Muslims under the pretext that Islam is the cause of terrorism. And therefore, she spared no effort in throwing some of its believers into prison, while at the same time holding conferences in various places to show how close our cultures are. She imposes at these conferences ideas and suggestions that contradict our religion. She concentrates in particular on women's rights and their equality with man, even in regard to inheritances!!

The exclamation points are the writer's, not mine. So he is unwilling to brook any idea that might contradict the tenets of Islam ... not a good starting point. Clearly he feels that laws regarding inheritance should discriminate against women. I find it astounding how effortlessly Islamists can pair their gender apartheid with purported high regard for women's rights. The writer gives us the typical "Islam respects women" prevarication:

America does not know that Islam honors women and their situation in the loftiest way possible. And it gives them rights and advantages that American and European woman have yet to achieve.

As part of its policy of violating our religious doctrines, America and her media machine have been encouraging a new phenomenon: A woman leading men in Friday Prayer!!"


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